Minimum experience

5 or more years of experience is required. Proven experience and expertise in operational voice communications systems, including voice switches, keysets, voice recorders, and related ancillary equipment.

minimum education

A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Telecommunications, or a related field. Relevant certifications are a plus.


We provide a comprehensive compensation package, including a range of benefits to support our employees’ well-being and professional growth.

The salary range for this position is between $73,219 and $125,071, reflecting our commitment to rewarding expertise and performance.


Pasadena, California

functional description

As a VOCA Engineer, you will be at the forefront of operational voice communication, ensuring the functionality and efficiency of the Voice Operational Communications Assembly (VOCA) that connects the Deep Space Network (DSN), JPL, and external operations areas. Your responsibilities will encompass a wide range of technical and operational tasks.

  • Provide the central hub for all operational voice communications between the Deep Space Network (DSN), JPL, and external operations areas.
  • The VOCA includes the voice switch, associated voice instruments (keysets), and ancillary equipment (e.g., voice recorders, channel banks). The voice switch and keysets are manufactured by Frequentis, USA with maintenance paid for by NASA.
  • Responsibilities are to engineer, maintain, install, and operate the JPL operational voice switch, keysets, and ancillary equipment. This includes collecting customer requirements, designing and implementing a solution, and testing and applying software updates.
  • Maintains all documentation associated with the VOCA (e.g., inventory, configuration), provides end-user training, and provides on-call and on-site support, as required.

Certifications / Other


additional required knowledge and skills


  • In-depth knowledge of voice communication systems, protocols, and technologies, with a strong understanding of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • Experience in engineering, maintaining, installing, and operating voice switches, keysets, and related equipment.
  • Familiarity with voice communication equipment manufacturers, especially Frequentis for voice switches and keysets.
  • Ability to gather customer requirements, design and implement effective communication solutions, and conduct thorough testing and software updates.
  • Strong documentation skills to maintain accurate records of VOCA inventory, configuration, and other associated documentation.
  • Experience providing end-user training on operational voice communication systems.
  • Ability to provide on-call and on-site support for VOCA-related issues, including troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repairs.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with colleagues, end-users, and external partners.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Relevant certifications in voice communication and network technologies.
  • Previous experience in engineering and supporting operational voice communication systems, especially within a complex and critical operational environment.
  • Familiarity with network protocols, routing, and switching, with an understanding of how voice communication integrates into network infrastructure.
  • Experience in designing and implementing emergency communication solutions and ensuring high availability and reliability.
  • Basic programming skills or scripting knowledge to facilitate software updates and automation of routine tasks.
  • Knowledge of security best practices for voice communication systems to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to diagnose and resolve complex VOCA-related issues.

other details

Veterans Highly Desired

Candidate must be US citizen (or be able to prove the right to work in the US for an extended period of time).

Must successfully pass a background check as a condition of employment; based on security clearance level required.

EEO statement: Concordant is an equal-opportunity employer. All employment opportunities are provided without regard to race, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.