Concordant provides Business Process Management by assisting with the development of new business processes or improving existing processes through review, definition, implementation, and measurement to improve overall business value.

Concordant’s engineers enable Digital Transformation and modernization by creating outcome-based automation solutions designed to improve performance at the operational level of the organization. We specialize in web-based solutions including SharePoint, Java, J2EE, and Perl development. Concordant can quickly automate your workflow, routing information between signatories, stakeholders, and management, eliminating paper binders and process bottlenecks. Examples of how we can make your workflow smarter include:

  • Designing and implementing electronic forms and electronic signatures
  • Architecting electronic workflows with approval chains and notifications
  • Data Visualization engineering using Tableau or Power BI
  • Integrating Data Analytics and Decision support tools
  • Custom software engineering in an agile environment

Concordant’s Business Process Automation (BPA) engineers assess which system components to substitute or supplement so that costly and time-consuming manual back-office processes may be eliminated. By mitigating risks, providing consistency to unstructured content, and implementing the right technology, we’ve helped many of our clients more efficiently manage their information workflows to achieve measurable cost reduction.