Concordant provides engineering and analysis services for customers ready to transition services to the cloud or a hybrid-cloud architecture.  Our approach targets the interaction of cloud capabilities with the components of our customers’ on-premises networks, providing essential integration services wherever they reside, and enabling the personnel who use those services. Concordant’s experienced engineers and developers are experts in the realms of infrastructure and software and can:

  • Analyze cost and performance impact
  • Perform comprehensive security assessments
  • Recommend private, public, hybrid, SaaS, IaaS implementations
  • Create the migration plan
  • Test and evaluate systems
  • Produce management and architecture documents
  • Containerization and orchestration
  • Engineer custom cloud-native applications 
  • Develop interface to provider APIs

For our customers ready to migrate to a hybrid workplace, Concordant develops start-to-finish strategies, implements and supports remote workers and assets, cloud services, and user devices whether physical or cloud based.