Concordant is excited to announce our partnership with Verizon Wireless.

Concordant will now connect our customers to enhanced wireless communication services powered by Verizon’s mobile communication network. Concordant will offer 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) connected WiFi services and hardware devices. FWA uses Verizon’s 5G or 4G LTE mobile networks to provide broadband access through radio frequencies rather than wires, also known as “WiFi without wires.” This allows for reliable, high-speed connections of your devices everywhere, even if they do not have a 5G-enabled communication card. Connections can be provided to locations where wired high-speed internet has previously not been feasible due to lack of relevant infrastructure, remoteness, challenging terrain, or other factors. FWA technology has the potential to provide high speed internet to these “digital deserts.”

We look forward to fulfilling our customers’ enhanced wireless needs, providing LAN/WAN management services, and bringing high-speed internet to those individuals and business who had not previously had reliable, high-speed network access.